Best Laptops For Kali Linux: In this day and age, you will come across many laptops that will claim to provide efficient working when it comes to suing heavy software like Kali Linux. As you know that this software is mainly used for digital forensics and penetration testing. For using this software a strong and powerful laptop is required.

It is hard to use this software on an ordinary laptop as it will lead to lagging and slowing down the processor. With the advancement in technology, you will come across several different outstanding laptops in the market. Some of these laptops have the most powerful processors that will help you run the Kali Linux software smoothly and effectively.

Thousands of companies all over the world are always looking for professionals who can successfully run the Kali Linux software but they fail to realize that there is so much more associated with running this software apart from hiring professionals. No matter how qualified or professional the person is, if you don’t have a high-performance laptop that can handle the load of this software then you won’t be able to do your work or penetration testing no matter what. You work will be accompanied by errors which can often be very frustrating.

Basic requirements of a laptop for Kali Linux

When it comes to buying a laptop for Kali Linux it is crucial to know the basic requirements of a laptop for running this software. Firstly you must make sure that the laptop is of high quality and ensures good performance.

Powerful Processor

The first thing that you must check before buying a good laptop is to make sure that it has a good processor. For the efficient running of the processor, a multi-core or a dual-core processor is required which is not common to find on many of the laptops. For the successful use of Kali Linux, you must choose a laptop that has the Intel i5 or i7 processor. You must not use the i3 or i4 processor as they will slow down the laptop after using Kali Linux for a long time.


Another important thing that you must check is the RAM. The minimum RAM requirement for Kali Linux is 2GB. You must make sure that your laptop doesn’t have RAM lesser than 2GB. But it will be highly beneficial if you buy a laptop that has more RAM than 2 GB. It will help you do your work much more effectively.

Battery life

When it comes to buying high-performance laptops you must make sure that the laptop has a food battery life. The minimum battery life requirement is 6-7 hours. It can be longer. But make sure that any laptop that buys has a good battery life because when you use Kali Linux the battery will get low much faster. So it is always better to buy a laptop with a longer battery life.

Graphics card

Another important thing that you must keep in mind is to check the graphics card. It is always better to have a good graphics card in the laptop. The best graphics card that is currently available in the NVIDIA graphics card.


Many people do not focus on that but it is important to check the design of the laptop. Make sure that the laptop has a slim design. Mostly people prefer laptops that have a thin body because it makes them look more luxurious. Moreover, slim laptops are usually lightweight and you can easily carry them around. This will also help you do your work better.


When it comes to using heavy software like Kali Linux you will require a laptop with good storage. When you doing work like penetration testing you must make sure that the laptop has good storage otherwise it will affect your work. The minimum storage that you require is 120 GB. Having a laptop with storage greater than that is always a plus point.

Best Laptops For Kali Linux

Best Laptops for Kali Linux 2022

Apple MacBook Pro Intel Core i58GB DDR3
ASUS VivoBook pro 17 Intel Core i7-8550U16GB DDR4
Alienware 17 R4Intel Core i7-7820HK16GB DDR4
Acer Predator Helios 300 Intel Core i7-8750H16GB DDR4
Dell Inspiron 15 7000Intel Quad Core i7-8550U16GB DDR4

It is not an easy task to find a laptop that ensures you efficient working and is on budget. Since there is so much competition in the market it will become hard for you to choose a laptop that falls on all the standards. Following is a list of the best standard laptops for running the Kali Linux software:

1. Apple MacBook Pro

Best Laptops For Kali Linux 2020


One of the best laptops for using the Kali Linux software is the new Apple MacBook Pro. The design of this laptop is highly luxurious which makes it even more attractive in the market. When it comes to the performance of the laptop you won’t be surprised to know that the new MacBook Pro comes with the best processor.

Processor: Intel Core i7

The Apple MacBook Pro has the latest Intel Core i7 processor which is the most ideal for the successful running of the Kali Linux software. This processor will boost your laptop’s performance and prevent it from heating up.

Storage: 2 TB

The new MacBook Pro has the most sufficient storage for using Kali Linux software. It also has the 16GB RAM which is more than enough. As doing penetration testing requires more storage, the new MacBook Pro has the maximum storage which makes it the ideal choice for using this software.

Battery power

The laptop has sufficient battery power. Having a good battery life is not easy to find in most of the laptops. The battery is more than sufficient for using Kali Linux software.


  • This laptop has the best processor so far.
  • Apple MacBook Pro has excellent battery life.
  • It has a good design.
  • The RAM and storage capacity is excellent.
  • The display is excellent. It is a full Retina display.


  • The Apple MacBook Pro is not cheap. It is an expensive product.
  • The fans are loud and it gets annoying gradually.

2. Dell Inspiron 15 7000

Best Laptop For Running Kali Linux


Another great laptop for using the Kali Linux software is the Dell Inspiron 15 7000. This laptop is highly powerful regarding its performance which makes it the ideals choice for using the Kali Linux.

Processor: Quad-core i7

The laptop has the most powerful Quad-core i7 processor which not only helps you do your work much more effectively but also this processor results in an excellent performance. This is what makes this laptop the most ideal. The Quad-core processor provides a boost to the performance of the laptop.

Storage: 1 TB

The laptop comes with the 1 TB storage capacities which is more than sufficient for the Kali Linux software. Since it is heavy software, therefore, you must make sure that the laptop you buy has good storage and RAM. The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 comes with 32 GB RAM.

Battery life

The battery life isn’t excellent. It is average and lasts about 3-4 hours which is not the ideal battery life that you want when it comes to using the Kali Linux.


  • The laptop has an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • The Quad-core processor makes its processor the most ideal.
  • The display is excellent and the graphics are breathtaking.
  • The price is affordable and you can easily buy this laptop.
  • The laptop isn’t heavy and you can easily carry it around.


  • The laptop doesn’t have good battery life.
  • The keypad isn’t good.

3. ASUS VivoBook pro 17

Best Laptop To Run Kali Linux 2020


The laptop is highly popular for its amazing processor that ensures smooth running while using the Kali Linux. You will also see many engineers and computer workers using this laptop in their offices.

Processor: 8th generation Intel i7-8565

The laptop has an excellent processor. The system is highly powerful to support the software even if you have to do it for longer hours. You will also see many of the businessmen working on this aloof in their offices.

Storage: 1 TB HDD combo

The ASUS VivoBook has the most ideal storage for using the Kali Linux. The storage will enable you to save and download heavy files without any difficulty.

Battery life

The battery has a battery life that lasts about 5 hours. It is not good enough for professionally using Kali Linux. However, if you are someone who wants to use the software for normal use then you can buy this laptop.


  • The graphics are amazing.
  • The laptop has a good graphics card.
  • battery life is not sufficient yet it results in fast charging.


  • The laptop is highly expensive.

4. Alienware 17 R4

Cheapest Laptop For Kali Linux


This is by far the best gaming laptop. This means that the Lakota has very strong hardware processor as well as the storage capacity is highly sufficient. This provides great strength to the system which ensures smooth functioning.

Processor: Intel Core i7- 7820 HK

The laptop has an excellent Intel Core i7 processor which ensures smooth and efficient working. Most people think that this laptop is only for gaming. This is not true. A laptop that is used for gaming always has an excellent processor that is designed to ensure heavy working no matter how long you use the software on it.

Storage: 256 GB SSD

The laptop provides the best storage capacity. The storage is sufficient for the continuous use of Kali Linux software. When the laptop has good storage it will help you download and store files good storage will also help you do your work much more effectively.

Battery life

The laptop has a good battery life. It is not that long-lasting but it is sufficient for using the Kali Linux software. You would have to charge your laptop over and over again.


  • The laptop provides a good display.
  • The processor is excellent and results in high performance.


  • The laptop heats up quickly.

5. Acer Predator Helios 300

Budget Kali Laptop


The Acer Predator Helios is another gaming laptop which has an excellent processor for ensuring good performance. These features make it one of the most ideal laptops for using the Kali Linux software.

Processor: Intel Core i7

The laptop has a high-performance processor that is strong enough to support this heavy software. It is very rare to find good laptops these days especially those that support the heavy softy like the Kali Linux.

Storage: 256 GB

The storage is impressive and it provides enough space for the heavy files and documents. Many workers have benefited by using this laptop since they were able to store their work in the best way possible.

Battery life

The laptop has a good battery life. This battery life is sufficient for using the software Kali Linux. The battery life lasts longer than 6 hours which is sufficient enough for using this software. The battery also results in fast charging.


  • The laptop has a good quality graphics card.
  • The cooling system prevents the processor from heating up.
  • The laptop comes with decent RAM.


  • The storage is not sufficient enough.
  • The battery life is not good enough.

Final words

Kali Linux is heavy software that needs a good processor so that you can use this software without any difficulty. Not only that you will be able to do your work much morning effectively but also it will help you ensure quality based professional working.

If you do not have a good laptop that is designed to provide you all the required standards for Kali Linux then you won’t ever be able to use this software for penetration testing etc. For that reason, it is necessary for you to do your survey and then choose the type of laptop that is the best for you according to your needs.

The above-mentioned list of laptops will help you choose the best laptop for yourself so that you can work both as a freelancer and as a professional worker. Many people have benefited from this amazing compacted list of the most premium laptops for using the Kali Linux. Make sure to check the specifications of the specific laptop that you are about to buy so that your money is well invested.