Best Laptops For Realtors: In this day and age, we have seen progressive advancement in technology which has made it easier for people to communicate with their loved ones. Whether its work, school or home we have all benefited from such amazing latest technology and gadgets.

When it comes to laptops there have been fast-growing advancements that have also made it hard for people to choose between certain models of laptops according to their needs. Being a realtor or a real estate agent is not an easy job especially if you do not have the right device to work on. If your laptop is slow not only that it will make it hard for you to do your work properly but also it will waste a lot of your time that you can utilize doing something else.

When it comes to buying a laptop you must keep in mind certain factors that will make it easier for you to choose the type of laptop that fits the best according to your needs. For this, you must do your survey and then chose the laptop that is quality-based and doesn’t cost you a lot of money. Following are some of the points that you must keep in mind while buying a laptop:

Check The Performance!

The main aspect that needs to be checked when it comes to buying a laptop is to check its performance. For that, you need to check it’s processing unit, RAM and battery. Checking the processing unit is crucial if you want to make sure that you have bought a laptop that ensures fast working. Being a realtor you are always on the go and therefore you need a laptop that works and that you do not have to face any sort of lag or error during use.

Make Sure It Has Sufficient Storage

Another important thing that you must check when it comes to buying a new laptop is to see if the laptop has good storage. If the laptop doesn’t have nice storage it will become hard for you to store or save your projects or work. It will also become hard for you to download or install important data on the laptop. This limited storage can be a huge problem for you especially for realtors or real estate agents. Make sure that the laptop you are looking for has enough storage to save all of your important data or files.

The Battery Life Should Be Good

When it comes to buying a laptop you must make sure that it has food battery life or power life. If the laptop doesn’t have good power life it will become hard for you to work without charging your laptop every single hour. Being a realtor or a real estate agent means that you will be attending the meeting in which you will have to give your presentation but if the battery life of your laptop isn’t good it will make it hard for you to deliver your presentation properly.

The Design Matters!

Buying a new laptop also means that you have to check its design. Make is the body is made up of durable material that will help protect your laptop in case your laptop falls from the hands. The sleek slim design laptops are highly popular in the market as they have proved to work better. There are laptops available that can be used as tablets. The convertible laptops make it easy for you to do your work.

Best Laptops For Realtors

Best Laptops For Realtors And Real Estate Agents 2022

Samsung Galaxy Book Intel Core M4GB DDR3
Lenovo Flex 14 AMD Ryzen 535008GB DDR4
ASUS Vivobook Intel Core i58GB DDR4
Acer Spin 13 Intel Core i58GB DDR3
Dell XPS 12 Intel Core i716GB DDR3
ASUS ZenBook 13 Intel Core i58GB DDR3

Following are some of the best laptops for realtors and real estate agents for the year 2022:

1. Samsung Galaxy Book (Best Mini Windows Laptop for Realtors)

Best Laptops For Realtors 2020


One of the best laptops for realtors is the Samsung galaxy book. This laptop is the lightest and most portable laptop ever. It will make it easier for you to do your work and carry the laptop anywhere you want to. This laptop can be used as a tablet as well.

Processor: Intel Core M

The biggest reason why you’ll see many of the realtors buying this amazing laptop is because of its processor. The Intel Core M processor is designed to provide the best functioning without any error or lag. This laptop has 4 GB memory card installed in it. This makes it the ideal laptop for storing data and downloading important files.

Display: Full HD

Another great reason why you must buy the Samsung Galaxy book is its amazing full HD display. Not only that it will help you do your work better but also it will make everything visible and clear on the screen.


  • This laptop is highly affordable for the realtors.
  • It has a good battery life.
  • Good memory with the SD card.
  • Good quality full HD display.
  • Comes with an S pen.


  • The Samsung galaxy book will give you performance issues.

2. Lenovo Flex 14 (Convertible Notebook for Real Estate Agents)

Best Laptops For Real Estate Agents


Another great laptop for realtors is the Lenovo Flex 14. This laptop will provide you the high-quality performance which will help get your work done in minutes. This laptop has the most efficient hardware so far which makes it the ideal choice for the realtors.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 53500

The new Lenovo Flex 14 has the AMD Ryzen 53500 hardcore processor installed in it which ensures the best quality performance. Realtors must buy a laptop that provides you the most high-quality performance.

Display: Ultra HD

Another great reason why you should be buying the Lenovo Flex 14 is its ultra HD display that you won’t find in other laptops. For realtors, a laptop that provides the most high-quality display is a plus point as it will require them to edit their work and create projects in the best way possible.


  • The laptop is affordable and you can easily buy it on the budget.
  • The Flex 14 has the most astonishing Ultra HD 14-inch display.
  • It has good long-lasting battery life.
  • The design is slim and ideal for carrying around the laptop.


  • The laptop comes with limited storage that makes it hard for a realtor to download extra

3. ASUS Vivobook (Another Inexpensive Laptop for Realtors)

Best Laptops For Real Estate Agents 2020


If you are looking for a laptop that fits your budget perfectly then ASUS Vivobook is the best choice for you. Not only that the laptop will save your money but also provide you quality performance. This laptop has been the best seller so far because of the amazing benefits it provides. People love enjoying such quality based products on a budget and hence it makes it the best choice for realtors.

Processor: Intel Core i5

The main reason why the ASUS Vivobook is so high in demand is its high-performance Intel Core i5 processor. This will help you do your work at a faster speed. This high-speed processor will help you do your work at a much faster rate without any trouble.

Display: high Quality HD display

What makes ASUS Vivobook high in demand is its full HD display. The laptop not only helps save your money but also provides you the best quality performance and display that you won’t get through many other laptops.


  • The laptop has the best price deals which will save you money.
  • The Intel Core i5 processor will help provide you the fastest performance.
  • The full HD display.
  • The laptop is lightweight and compatible.
  • Provides good storage.


  • The laptop has no Ethernet port.

4. Acer Spin 13 (Best Chromebook for Real Estate)

Best Laptops For Real Estate


If you are looking for a good quality laptop that is functionally excellent then Acer Spin 13 is the best choice for you. As a realtor, we are always on a move and we require a type of laptop that jot only provides us the best quality working but also is highly secure and compatible.

If you are someone who is a Windows fan then you must get this laptop.

Processor: i5-8250U

The processor installed in this laptop ensures excellent performance. This Chromebook has always been high in demand for this very reason.

Display: 2k resolution

One important aspect that makes this laptop superior as compared to other laptops is its ultra-high 2k resolution display which delivers a crystal image. This is very powerful especially if you are a realtor and want to create an assignment or a project for a meeting.


  • The best quality HD display gives you clear crystal graphics.
  • Easily available and highly affordable.
  • Comes with latest windows installed.
  • It has sufficient storage that will help you store your useful files.
  • Type C USB port is available.


  • The laptop gives a limited performance.

5. Dell XPS 12 (Budget Laptop with Premium Display)

Best Laptops For Real Estate 2020


This laptop is by far the most versatile laptop that provides you with several different benefits that will greatly help you related to your real estate work. This amazing device comes with the most powerful processor which is fan-less. It means that you won’t hear any sort of weird noise when you are multitasking on this laptop.

Processor: Intel Core i7

When it comes to performance you will be amazed to see that this laptop comes with the Intel Core i7 processor. Though the processor is an expensive one it provides you excellent working which will help you do your work faster and much more effectively.

Display: Ultra 4K display

Most of the laptops do not offer a good display in which the colors are distorted or too sharp. The Dell XPS12 provides the best quality display which provides accurate sharpness and color display.


  • The handiest design.
  • Comes with the premium quality fanless technology.
  • The laptop comes with excellent battery life.
  • It comes with the best quality 4K display.


  • Doesn’t have enough storage.
  • The processor installed is not as powerful as the watt processor.

6. ASUS ZenBook 13 (Cheap Laptop for Realtors)

Cheap Laptops For Realtors


It is one of the best recommendations for affordable laptops which will not only help save your money but also you will be able to do your work much more effectively. It is the latest model of ASUS and it is highly recommended because of its touch screen.

Processor: Core i5-8265U

This high-quality laptop has the latest Intel Core i5-8265U processor which comes with the new 512 GB storage and 8GB memory. It the best laptop that you can get to work on being a realtor. You can easily download and install files or transfer files without any error.

Display: 13.3-inch display

The ASUS ZenBook provides you with the best quality 13.3-inch display which is based on true color capture and sharp image. The image quality is really good which will help you do your work better and faster. Apart from the display, the sound quality of this laptop is really good which will help you watch any video with clarity.


  • This laptop is lightweight.
  • It provides the best quality full HD display.
  • It contains the Type-C USB port.
  • Has the most aesthetically pleasing slim design.


  • It doesn’t have a convertible design.

Why choose a good laptop for your work as a realtor?

There are still many people who would ask themselves why is it necessary to have a high-performance laptop for work when you can easily work on a normal PC or similar device? Wellbeing a realtor means that you are always on the go.

Not only that you have to attend meetings but also give presentations. If you do not have a high-performance laptop then you won’t be able to do your work or prepare the assignment on time. This can also affect your business which will result in great loss to you.

Going through this list of some of the best laptops for realtors will make it easier for you to choose the one that fits the best according to your needs. Many people have benefited from this and you will surely benefit from it too. A good laptop will help save important files without worrying about storage.

Therefore you must choose the best laptop for yourself which provides you the most amazing benefits on a budget.